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Approaches to Product Roadmapping

Masterclass with Suzanne Abate

Suzanne Abate, 100PM Chief Product Officer

Since 2010 Suzanne has been helping steer a ship called The Development Factory. They work with Startups and SMEs to build products that can create revenue, increase efficiency and bolster customer experience. Their team has worked on close to 80 projects per year and she has played a part in every one.

In 2015 Suzanne joined the instructor team at General Assembly. She's the Product Management Instructor in residence at GA's DTLA campus, and a frequent leader of workshops and bootcamps at GA Santa Monica.

Most recently she launched a free education portal for product managers, tech entrepreneurs, students and career-changers. It's called 100 Product Managers.

Session Highlights

- Why Product Managers roadmap (2:28)
- The product roadmapping process overview (6:05)
- How to establish themes with the external or internal focus (15:40)
- How to map epics to themes (18:37)
- The process and methodologies for the prioritization process (20:25)
- The execution process of a roadmap (24:03)
- The OKR approach to make the roadmap outcomes (not outputs) measurable (27:04)
- The documenting and sharing of a roadmap (34:42)
- The tools for product roadmapping (39:37)
- The complete list of functional features for a roadmap (44:34)
- How Suzanna herself approaches the product roadmap for 100 Product Managers (49:42)
- The classes and courses 100 Product Managers are producing (57:31)
- How the product roadmap for a Product Management newbie looks like (1:00:00)

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- Medium
- 100PM

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