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How Prototyping Helps You Design a Better Product

Masterclass with Sarah Doody

Sarah Doddy, UX Designer & Founder of The UX Notebook

Sarah is an independent user experience designer. She works with clients to help them understand the audience, define the strategy, design the product experience. Sarah works closely with teams to conduct fast research, create prototypes, and execute the user experience design.

Sarah is passionate about teaching people how to think like a designer and does this through her popular weekly UX newsletter, The UX Notebook, a physical notebook, How To Think Like A Designer, and her popular UX videos on YouTube. She is also very involved in UX education and created her own course, User Research Mastery to help UX Designers, Product Managers, Developers, and Visual Designers understand their customers through doing more user research. Previously, Sarah created the curriculum for and taught General Assembly’s first 12-week UX immersive in 2011.

Session Highlights

- The why we must prototype (4:02)
- The risks of building the product too fast (8:52)
- The four phases of the prototyping process (15:09)
- The goal, method, and tips for research and synthesizing (16:25)
- The full storyboard that shows the end to end journey from problem to solution (18:25)
- The userflow with detail around key screens and actions in the app (22:08)
- The goal, method, and tips for creating the prototype (23:50)
- The goal, method, and tips for testing and telling the prototype (34:01)
- The User Research Mastery online course introduction and the sharing of the drudegry work behind-the-scene (41:48)
- The length for a Product Manager to acquire the prototyping skill (47:13)
- The length for a Product Manager or UX Designer to execute the entire process of prototyping (49:50)
- The responsibility of a Product Manager in working with presence of an UX Designer (51:48)
- The essential UX skillsets and mindsets to have for a novice Product Manager (53:46)
- The one core skill to boost the effiecnecy in clearly communicating the product idea with the UX Designer (56:45)

The recommended resources for further study in User Experience (59:30)

- Medium UX section
- Mixed Methods
- This Is Product Management
- Master of Scale
- User Research Mastery
- UX Notebook Newsletter
- UX Notebook Youtube Channel
- The Physical UX Notebook

Connenct with Sarah

- LinkedIn
- Twitter

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