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Product Management Metrics: How to Manage Your Product Like a CEO

Masterclass with Saeed Khan

Saeed Khan, Founder

Saeed has two decades of Product Management experiences. He has worked in startups and public companies, both in Toronto and Silicon Valley, in roles ranging from individual contributor to VP Product Management.

When thinking about Product Management, a lot of focus (too much sometimes) seems to be on the "Product" and not enough on the "Management" of the product. What does it really mean to "manage" a product and how can you or anyone else for that matter, know that products are being well managed? It's a difficult problem given the huge variety and complexity of "products" and the different objectives of companies and products across the product lifecycle.

In this session, Saeed discusses these problems and provides a simple, consistent framework you can apply for defining, tracking and communicating overall product state and success within your company.

Session Highlights

- The two core components of the top level goal for Product Management (3:06)
- The five steps of customer lifecycle (5:45)
- The key areas that must be tracked and managed to ensure product success and how to select the right metrics to manage the product across product lifecycle (12:06)
- The four categories of focus in product metrics and the importance in them (13:02)
- The corresponding product lifecycle objectives in the different product lifecycle stages (13:55)
- The rules for defining product metrics (22:09)
- The hypothetical example to illustrate how to create different dashboards with metrics of different focuses (24:25)
- The six benefits to reap with the well-defined metrics (33:42)
- How well-defined metrics can drive the company's vision and make a Product Manager job easier (37:38)
- The changes of the authority and responsibility for a Product Manager in the last 20 years (40:41)
- Where to find the necessary data to come up with the metrics (44:10)

The recommended resources for further study in Product Management (48:16)

- The Everday Innovator
- This Is Product Management
- Steve Johnson
- Rich Mironov

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