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Good Product Hygiene: The Groundwork that Makes Innovation Possible

Masterclass with Rob McGrorty

Rob McGrorty, Webgility Head of Product

Rob is a Product Leader with experience at all levels of Product Management, from hands-on work to executive management, hiring, and team building. He's designed key processes and team structures to allow the product organization to thrive at scale. He also loves giving back to the community through open product management slack channels and his podcast.

At Webgility Rob is simplfying and automating the financial back-office for SMB retailers through workflow and accounting automation. He's guiding the product strategy to improve the way small businesses and small enterprises operate, while building a highly effective product proganization that scales.

Prior to Webgility, he founded a subscription-based advisory product company that enabled rapid-growth companies to succeed. He assisted in raising nearly $50M of funding and ushered in two successful exits.

He is also a Co-Host of Product: All the Responsibility, a podcast for Product Manager, Product Marketers, Innovators, and Entrepreneurs who want to be more effective, and create better, more successful products.

Session Highlights

- The definition of good product hygiene (2:18)
- The clear and communicated vision (4:25)
- How to fit the team to the process, and vice versa (14:24)
- How to integrate process with tool, and vice versa (18:29)
- The importance of metrics and the principals in defining them (22:00)
- How the product roadmap drives the team to execute through the process (29:53)
- The ideal level of involvement with customers and how to engage with them (37:50)
- The three core elements of internal advocacy (40:10)
- The external advocacy with the arsenal and plan of attack in the go-to-market (46:18)
- How to deal with a divergent product vision with C-Level executives and the Head of Product (53:36)
- How Rob as a Head of Product would coach a junior Product Manager in his team (57:53)
- The length to come up with a comeplete set of metrics for a release (1:03:02)

The recommended resources for further study in Product Management (1:08:09)

- Becoming the Product Manager for an Existing Product
- Associate Product Manager: An Open Letter
- Product Manager HQ Slack Group
- Mind The Product Slack Group
- Cracking the PM Interview: How to Land a Product Manager Job in Technology

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