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Know Your Customer Better than They Do with Customer Interview Best Practice

Expert session with Michael Sacca

Michael Sacca, Dribbble, Head of Sales and Marketing

Michael wears multiple hat. He is not only the Head of Sales and Marketing at Dribbble. He is also the president at Crew and co-host of

He started the career with a move to LA in order to pursue a career in the music industry. However, he quickly had to turn to other options. After teaching himself a bit of code and making a few websites, he ended up launching his own agency – Tiny Factory. While running that company, the team began to build some of their first products.

Sacca then joined a startup called Crew to help establish partnerships. He has recently taken on the role of president to help lead the company to new heights in 2017.

Session Highlights

- How often a team should conduct customer interview and the difference between customer interview and sales call (4:18)
- The breakdown of a customer interview from data gathering, to preparation, to interview (7:05)
- The dynamic customer interview practice towards the scenario that when there's no problem space (17:48)
- How the key performance indicator (KPI) changes from business to business and what the wrong KPIs are (19:28)
- The persona construction process and the components that comprise it (22:36)
- How the persona changes from time to time and how Product Manager should manage it (26:58)
- A real life example at Crew how a feature gets built from problem space to solution space (30:03)
- How goals are set with every feature build both qualitatively and quantitatively (34:03)
- How qualitative and quantitative data are gathered for the goals set (37:20)
- The real value Product Manager brings to team and the skillsets needed to enable that (40:37)

The stack of data gathering tools used in Crew for setting feature goals (37:49)

- Google Analytics
- Mixpanel
- Klipfolio

The recommended resources for further study in Product Management (45:07)

- Tree House
- This New Economy
- The Art of Product series on
- How to Make Sense of Any Mess: Information Architecture for Everybody
- Scaling Lean: Mastering the Key Metrics for Startup Growth

Connect with Michael

- LinkedIn
- Twitter
- Medium
- Dribbble
- Crew

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