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A Practitioner Case Study: Creating a Design System

Masterclass with Marcin Treder

Marcin Treder, UXPin CEO

Marcin Treder is the CEO and co-founder of UXPin, a product design platform. Since co-founding UXPin in 2010, he has helped build and lead product teams in the Poland and Silicon Valley office. Previously, he worked on projects for two companies that IPOed and managed design team for one of the biggest eCommerce companies in Eastern Europe. He holds an M.A. in Cognitive Psychology.

Marcin has been selected to numerous awards including MIT 30 under 35 for his accomplishments in design and business.

Session Highlights

- The roadmap of building a design system (3:54)
- The dilemma 40+ designer leaders facing and the three impossibilities of design scale (4:55)
- The indication for the result of the surveys with 3000 companies about the practice of building a design system (8:07)
- The structure of a design system (10:10)
- How the business landscape changes and the design system paradigm shift impact Product Management and Product Managers (13:53)
- The UXPin interface inventory walk-through (25:13)
- How an actionable design system looks like (30:17)
- How to kick off the process of standardizing and documenting patterns (34:57)
- The strategies to convince the senior management to build a design system as a Product Manager (45:18)

The recommended resources for further study in design system and UX (42:08)

- Step-by-step case study of creating an internal design system
- Free UX ebooks by UXPin
- Atomic Design Podcast by Brad Frost
- Nathan Curtis Medium
- Jina Anne Medium
- Design System Slack Channel

Connect with Marcin

- LinkedIn
- Medium
- Twitter
- Product Tribes
- UXPin

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