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Product Management Toolkit: From Product Vision to Product Culture

Expert Session with Marc Abraham

Marc Abraham, World First, Head of Product

Starting his career as a corporate lawyer, Marc made the transition into digital technology, initially as a project manager and then as product manager.

Marc has been managing products for the last 6 years, working on a range of successful digital products/services, at companies such as 7digital, carwow, and currently as Head of Product at World First.

He also works closely with organisers of ProductTank events in over 100 countries to ensure deliver the highest quality events for a global community of product people.

Session Highlights

- The biggest challenge for Marc in learning Product Management in the last 5 years (7:02)
- The difference between data-driven and date informed (9:20)
- The typical day as a Head of Product (16:08)
- What product vision is (19:34)
- What product strategy is (21:36)
- The formation of SMART goals (25:38)
- The Lean UX approach Marc leanred from Jeff Gothelf (one of the speakers in the summit) to make and validate assumptions (33:05)
- The importance of “playing devil’s advocate” and how a Product Manager should do about it (38:18)

The recommended resources for further study in Lean UX and Product Management (41:11)

- Product Tank
- Lean UX
- Inspired: How To Create Products Customers Love
- Product Leadership: How Top Product Managers Launch Awesome Products and Build Successful Teams
- This Is Product Management

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