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What Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery Are and How They Speed Up Your Agile Product Development

Expert Session with Jonah Lau

Jonah Lau, Clickful Co-founder & CTO

Jonah Lau is the CTO of Clickful, an end-to-end platform enabling businesses to create, automate and optimise their Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns.

Prior to embarking on his journey in coding, tech and investing, Jonah was a qualified corporate lawyer based in Hong Kong.

Session Highlights

- What DevOps is (3:47)
- What Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) do and the relationship between them and the DevOps (8:01)
- What manual testing and automated testing are in the software development world (11:46)
- The expectation of a CTO for developers what they should do when they're coding (15:07)
- What the terms of technical debt means and the how to prevent it (17:01)
- What unit test is (18:07)
- The overview of what integration test and regression test are (19:12)
- The three main benefits for Product Managers to have CI and CD in place (21:10)
- What non-functional testing is (29:01)
- The three components that scaffold the CI and CD system (32:15)
- What the backbone - version control - of CI and CD is (33:08)
- What continuous integration pipeline service is (36:55)
- What deployment pipeline does (38:44)
- What modularized code base entails and how it benefits Product Managers (42:17)
- How the bug tracking system supports the customer support and the trouble shooting process (47:57)

The recommended resources for further study in CI and CD (52:37)

- Mind The Proudct
- Practicing Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery on AWS

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