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The Career Transition Story: How to Land a Product Manager Job Within a Company and Self-Learn the Essential Skillsets

Expert Session with George Goodman

George Goodman, Vistaprint Product Manager

George has his own full service video production company. In Vistaprint, he started out as an intern in video production. He made career transition into Product Management when he's the video production specialist. He made it all the way up from an intern, to Associate Product Manager, to Full Product Manager.

George has an innate ability to self-learn any topics he's interested in, including music, photography, and of course Product Management. He's even self-learning how to code to create a virtual reality game now.

Session Highlights

- The general principal to learn Product Management at the outset (3:45)
- The biggest mistake George made at the outset in learning Product Management that Product Managers can avoid (6:52)
- How to empathize people in the individual level to communicate with all kinds of stakeholder (8:27)
- The factors that need to be considerated before go to market with an existing customer base (10:27)
- How to execute Product Marketing at the right time in the customer lifecycle (12:53)
- The one line explanation for the difference between Product Management and Project Management (14:06)
- A real life example of how to choose a tool for a task and how to redefine it to fit in the product strategy (16:56)
- Why customer research and market research are the more important skillsets to have than the ability to create flow diagrams, wireframes, and prototyping (22:37)
- How to conduct the customer research (24:42)
- The importance of craving to talk to customers and how to overcome the communicative mental barrier for introverted Product Manager (26:45)
- The little hack to stay productive and how to make oneself to do the things he/she doesn't want to (28:28)
- The streamline process that make the internal communication process fluid (29:58)
- The standup meeting walk-through in the Agile world from the lens of a Product Manager (32:04)

The recommended resources for further study in Product Management (34:30)

- The Lean Startup
- Crossing the Chasm: Marketing and Selling High-Tech Products to Mainstream Customers
- Cracking the PM Interview: How to Land a Product Manager Job in Technology

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- George Goodman Productions

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