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Evolution of the Product Manager and the Continuous Learning Approaches in Product Management

Expert Session with Ellen Chisa

Ellen Chisa, New Startup CEO & Co-founder

Ellen is the CEO & Co-founder of New Startup, a company that aims to make possible to build a complete scalable app in an afternoon.

Ellen has spend over two years as the VP of Product at Lola, after several years as a product manager for Kickstarter and Microsoft. She has a lifelong passion for education, and has dedicated her career to developing products that facilitate learning and focus on User Experience, particularly for mobile devices. Chisa is a graduate of the Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering with a B.S. in Electrical & Computer Engineering, and is currently on sabbatical from Harvard Business School, after completing her first year.

Session Highlights

- The Evolution of Product Managers (2:09)
- The key activities to pay attention to when Product Manager learns in the product (4:01)
- How Product Managers should position themselves within a company (8:10)
- The not-todo-list for a Product Manager (13:04)
- The prioritization process of what to learn next as a Junior Product Manager (15:04)
- The effective way to solicit feedback from Senior Management about the topic of what to learn next (18:10)
- How the just-in-time learning should be (21:39)
- The deepness of technical knowledge a Product Manager should get into (23:55)
- The dark side of being a Product Manager and the emotional control for it (27:31)
- How a Product Manager avoids burning out (29:22)
- How to lead by influence (34:03)
- How an inclusive product looks like (38:40)
- The importance of saying "NO" (39:56)

The recommended resources for further study in Product Management (54:24)

- Making Things Happen: Mastering Project Management
- The Elements of Content Strategy

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- Twitter
- Essays on Product Management

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