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How to Create the Innovative Product Teams with the Help of Agile

Masterclass with Daryl Chan

Daryl Chan, Why Innovation Senior Agile Coach (Hong Kong Lead)

Daryl is a senior consultant at why innovation! with 8+ years of experience in helping organisations get better at doing work together, leading to creative solutions that produce the right results for customers, employees, and leaders alike.

Daryl trains and coaches people in Agile and Lean thinking and believes that the best learning experiences are a fusion of cross-disciplinary theory and practical experience.

Session Highlights

- What the discipline of innovation is (6:07)
- The history of product management (8:39)
- The evolution of product manager (10:43)
- The limitation of the new product development game and where the name of "scrum" came from (13:10)
- The distinction between what a Product Owner is and what a Product Manager is (15:05)
- What Agile and scrum are and the Manifesto for Agile software development (25:02)
- The pain points of companies in adopting Agile methodology (30:07)
- The number one pain point of Product Managers in working in the Agile process and how to solve it (32:25)
- How the documentations in the Agile process should be and when and where to get templates for documentations (34:15)
- The principal to guide Product Management newbie through the agile learning process when he/she doesn't have the mental model of scrum and doesn't know where to start (36:15)
- The most common questions the Product Managers ask an Agile coach (39:07)
- How Agile maximizes business value (42:48)
- The heart of Agile (42:13)
- The continuous innovation in Lean startup (43:53)
- How the best architectures, requirements, and designs emerge from self-organising agile/scrum team (47:33)
- When to choose to use scrum or kanban to manage product development (49:50)

The recommended resources for further study in Agile and scrum (54:24)

- Adaptive Software Development: A Collaborative Approach to Managing Complex Systems
- Essential Scrum: A Practical Guide to the Most Popular Agile Process

Connect with Daryl

- LinkedIn
- Twitter
- Agile Hong Kong
- Why Innovation

P.S. If you're interested to know how to define product vision for agile execution (10 last slides from Daryl's masterclass) which we edited out due to time limitation for a session, please ping Daryl in any one of the above means. He's happy to hear from you. :)

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