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Being the Communication Engine for Your Product

Masterclass with Daniel Zacarias

Daniel Zacarias, Substantive Product Management Consultant

Daniel is a Product Manager with over 9 years experience building software as a consultant.

His blog, Folding Burritos, is full of articles and resources for anyone who wants to improve their daily product work.

Session Highlights

- The common questions Product Manager gets asked on a daily basis (3:25)
- The common dilemmas Product Manager gets into (4:07)
- The Product Manager as an information hub and the outbound and inbound communication (5:25)
- The simple framework and worksheet template to get the lay of the land for communication (7:37)
- The two-dimensional view for the intent and value of communication (16:28)
- The four communication principals in product management (23:51)
- The reasons behind the Product Management newbies don't perform well in the communication area (26:32)
- The real life examples of the over-communication technique (28:43)
- The turtle metaphor of "It's human all the way down" and why it is the heart of Product Management (38:14)

The recommended resources for further study in Product Marketing and Product Management (54:24)

- Inside Intercom podcast
- Badass: Making Users Awesome

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- Folding Burritos
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