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Design Sprints For Real Product Management

Expert Session with Colin Lernell

Colin Lernell, Udacity Lead Product Manager

Colin is the Product Lead heading the Student Experience product group at Udacity, the edtech company founded by Sebastian Thrun, founder of Google X and Google Self-Driving Cars.

He also started Udacity Blitz, worked in product for the on-demand business expert marketplace Catalant and has assisted many startups and Fortune 500 tech companies with Product, Growth, and Analytics.

Session Highlights

- What Design Sprint is (3:44)
- The benefits of running Design Sprint for Product Managers and why we should use it (4:26)
- How the Design Sprint fits in the product development process (8:06)
- The stages of Design Sprint (9:06)
- The five steps to take to convice the management to use Design Sprint as a norm (10:47)
- How regular should a company runs Design Sprint and the reasons behind it (21:34)
- How Design Sprint impacts the product roadmap (23:29)
- The ideal size of a Design Sprint team and the "right" people in it (26:38)
- The stage to be set before running a Design Sprint (31:08)
- The data points to gather before and during the Design Sprint (32:41)
- The Design Sprint oriented activities and practices to gather customer intelligence (37:45)
- The process of mapping out the problem and pick an important problem space to focus on in Design Sprint (40:32)
- How to turn ideas into a testable hypothesis (52:10)
- What to do after a Design Sprint is done (58:06)
- The elevator pitch for persuading the management to use Design Sprint (1:01:22)

The recommended resources for further study in Product Management (1:02:23)

- The Sprint Book - How to Convince Your Boss to Run a Design Sprint
- Product Design - Validation and UX through Design Sprints - by Udacity
- The Design Sprint by Google Venture
- Product Hunt Radio
- Udacity Podcast
- The Art of Saying No
- How to build a Startup

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