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Quantitative Analytics for Problem Space Exploration

Expert Session with Chris Clark

Chris Clark, Youtube Product Manager

Chris has 7+ years working closely with engineers to guide products from conception to launch, and with business partners to generate profitable revenue streams. As a Product Manager, he has successfully bridged technical and business worlds by designing technologies that support better, more efficient, more transparent payment, reporting and financial systems.

Chris is currently working on data and reporting within the Android partnerships team at Youtube.

Session Highlights

- The day-to-day life of a YouTube Product Manager working on a feature with both qualitative and quantitative input (5:05)
- The three defining areas to focus on building metrics when working on a product feature (7:28)
- The difference and approaches between working on an existing problem space and a new one (13:18)
- The metrics to gather based on the iterative feature built and its user feedback loop (15:01)
- The formation of feature goal to measure against the company or product goal (17:35)
- The prioritization process of the problem spaces and the experiment run on the solution bases behind the platform companies, such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram (18:40)
- How the full suite of internal analytics subscription lifecycle tools for Google based on well defined goal and metrics gets built (23:50)
- How Chris manages his product backlog when he's working at Apple as a Product Owner and Product Manager (30:52)
- How to ensure the value of the work the engineering and design teams perform (33:20)
- How the well defined product roadmap and product backlog free a Product Manager from saying "NO" to feature requests (35:26)
- The three main skillsets of quantitative analytics for problem space exploration as a Product Manager should have (42:09)

The recommended resources for further study in quantitative analytics for problem space exploration and general product management (47:01)

- Stratechery
- Reforge

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