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Expert session with Charles Du

Charles Du, Product Management Coach

Charles has taught 6,000+ students in 120+ countries as a Product Management Coach. His students have landed offers and interviews from Google, Uber, Facebook, and Yelp.

The systems Charles teaches come from having led teams at some of the best technology companies in the world. He designed NASA’s first iPhone app (10+ million downloads, 2+ million hits per day, NASA’s Software of the Year Award), Ticketmaster’s mobile apps ($3+ million in sales per day, 2 patents), and the Airbnb for cars (Techcrunch Disrupt Award, 2 patents).

Session Highlights

- The biggest challenge for a Product Manager to learn Product Management at the outset (2:17)
- The KEB system to enable a Product Manager to learn Product Management in a structural way (6:55)
- The three common ways to get the Product Management knowledge (12:05)
- How a product portfolio looks like (19:45)
- How an aspiring Product Manager create a product portfolio (21:57)
- How a novice Product Manager maintains a product portfolio (24:30)
- The difference between being a Product Manager in a gigantic company like Ticketmaster and a startup (27:13)
- The ninja hack to create personalized resume to get noticed by targeted company for a product management role (31:08)
- How Charles applied the KEB system to land the opportunity to manage the NASA app and the process of creating it from the ideation phase to product launch (32:45)
- The principals to embody to become a Product Owner (43:59)
- The top three skillsets and tools Product Manager have to master (46:43)

The recommended resources for further study in Product Management (49:15)

- Free Training Friday - The Everyday Innovator Podcast
- The Complete Product Management Course

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