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Product Mastery Roadmap

Expert Session with Chad McAllister

Chad McAllister, The Everyday Innovator Founder & Product Manager

With over 25 years in product development, Chad has trained many product managers and helped great organizations such as Thomas Reuters, Compassion International, and NIST improve their product management capability.

Chad has developed a framework, the "Product Mastery Roadmap", that he shares with Product Managers and Organizations to help them become Product Masters using this proven system.

Session Highlights

- The overview of Product Mastery Roadmap (1:35)
- The three aspects of a "right product" (9:43)
- Why Product Manager needs influence and the ways to acquire it (12:00)
- The not-todo list in creating a "right product" (16:33)
- The constraints Product Managers would encounter most often and how they can tackle them (20:56)
- The classic mistakes Product Managers should avoid (23:59)
- The healthy tension a product team should have to deliver the product in time (28:29)
- The strategies to enable innovative culture within the company as a novice Product Manager (30:56)
- The benchmark that indicates a Product Manager passes the different stages in the "IDEA" framework of the Product Mastery Roadmap (36:32)
- The definition of professional creditability for Product Managers and how they achieve it (39:47)
- The just-in-time deep dive (46:06)

The recommended resources for further study in Product Management (57:58)

- The pulse of product management and 4 skills that match a 25% increase in pay
- Product Development and Management Body of Knowledge: A Guidebook for Training and Certification
- What Customers Want: Using Outcome-Driven Innovation to Create Breakthrough Products and Services
- Jobs to be Done: Theory to Practice

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