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Optimal Product Process

Masterclass with Brian Lawley

Brian Lawley, 280 Group LLC CEO

Brian is the Author of 5 best-selling books in the domain of Product Management, including Product Management for Dummies. He was awarded the Product Management Excellence Award for Thought Leadership by the Association of International Product Marketing & Management.

Brian is also the former President of the Silicon Valley Product Management Association. During his 25 years career in Product Management he has defined, launched and marketed over fifty successful products for companies.

Session Highlights

- The concept of whole product (3:06)
- The seven phases of the Optimal Product Process (8:16)
- The corresponding gates in the product lifecyle (13:01)
- The overlap between Product Management and Product Marketing in seven phases (15:25)
- The nine key documents in Product Management (26:55)
- When and how to apply the appropriate level of documentation (lightweight, medium, formal) (27:00)
- The Master Product Plan (29:10)
- The perspective and necessary skillsets a successful product leader needs to have (33:30)
- How Product Managers effectively communicate with development team (36:36)
- The reasons why the Product Manager role is not well understood (41:30)
- The product management career plan for a novice Product Manager (44:36)

The recommended resources for further study in Product Management (50:31)

- 280 Group Product Management YouTube Channel
- 280 Group LinkedIn Group
- The Association of International Product Marketing & Management
- Product Management for Dummies

Connect with Brian

- LinkedIn
- 280 Group LLC

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