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Product Management in Enterprise Software, Why It Is Different, and Best Practices

Expert Session with Blair Reeves

Blair Reeves, SAS, Principal Product Manager

Blair is a Principal Product Manager at SAS, the world leader business analytics.

Blair has previously held senior product and leadership roles at Demandware (now a Salesforce company) and IBM.

Session Highlights

- How the rise of SaaS radically transform the product management function (1:53)
- What enterprise software product management is (5:27)
- The difference between being an enterprise PM and consumer PM (13:53)
- How the daily life of an Enterprise Product Manager looks like (16:25)
- The three types of knowledge for an enterprise software product manager to seek (21:25)
- The difference between an enterprise product manager discover needs and pain points for customers from a customer product manager (28:30)
- How an enterprise product manager determines what needs to be build (35:00)
- The Product Manager career path (39:30)

The recommended resources for further study in Enterprise Product Management (45:20)

- Make It So: Product Management for the Enterprise
- Online course from O'Reilly on Product Management in the enterprise
- Mind The Product
- Product School
- Bringing The Donuts Newsletter by Ken Norton

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