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Product Marketing Fundamentals

Expert Session with Alex Mitchell

Alex Mitchell, Upside Travel Director of Product

Alex currently is a Director of Product at Upside Travel. Previously, he was a Sr. Product Manager for Vistaprint, where he managed the Websites Product and the Identity Product Family (~$50MM annual revenue), including 3 agile development teams across 3 locations (DC, Boston, Tunisia).

Alex is passionate about integrating data, design, development, and strategy to build kickass products.

Session Highlights

- What Product Marketing is in general (1:41)
- The difference between Marketing Manager, Product Marketing Manager and Product Manager (2:36)
- The meaning of "working on the product" (4:30)
- The reasons why marketing departments responsibilities vary from company to company (5:55)
- The reasons why a large number of Product Managers coming from the Marketing background (7:39)
- How a Product Manager supports the marketing department in different stages of the product lifecycle (Introduction, Growth, Maturity, Decline) (9:30)
- The depth a Product Manager should go into about Marketing (13:39)
- The specific skillset a Product Manager should have (19:15)
- A real-life example of how the collaboration between the Marketing department (or Product Marketing) and Product department looks like, from start to finish (22:00)
- The Marketing trend a Product Manager should be aware of (26:59)
- The difference of customer mindset between old days and now (29:52)
- What inbound and outbound Marketing are (32:30)
- A real-life example of how a Director of Product (Alex himself) works with a Product Manager (36:20)
- The myth of inbound marketing is more for the role of Product Manager and outbound marketing is more for the role of Product Marketing Manager (42:41)
- The Product Marketing elements that take into consideration in the product development phase (44:41)
- The deliverables a Product Manager needs to have in a brand new company (48:08)
- The announcement that Upside Travel is hiring! (48:40)
- The one secret sauce that has to be in place to pitch the Director of Product for a PM job (51:15)

The recommended resources for further study in Product Marketing and Product Management (54:24)

- Inside Intercom podcast
- Product Hunt
- Building Digital Products: The Ultimate Handbook for Product Owners

Connect with Alex

- LinkedIn
- Twitter
- Medium

P.S. Alex is offering you to have a free copy of Building Digital Product by reaching him out via his Twitter!

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